Training assisted care home staff in the fight against COVID-19

Author: Simar Kaur, Head – Human Capital, Antara Assisted Care Services

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put the spotlight on the plight of healthcare professionals around the world. From pictures of overworked hospital staff, to reports that claim abysmal working conditions, our healthcare professionals have truly been the frontline heroes in the fight against COVID-19.

While the pandemic rages on across hospitals, one particular section of healthcare, that deserves our equal attention, is the assisted care homes, and their staff. Given the characteristics of an assisted care home (with its population density and demographics), it becomes critical to increase focus on having trained staff to fight pandemics such as this.

The benefits of training and developing skills for assisted care staff go beyond just fighting COVID-19. As the assisted care industry evolves with the times, a trained assisted care staff not only ensures residents get the best care possible, but also maintains the overall health of the community.

When you train your assisted care home staff, you enable them to become primary caregivers of seniors who battle the innumerable difficulties of old age. With proper training, your staff can help people bathe, get dressed, walk, and perform daily activities with ease. A trained assisted care staff is also better placed to focus on aspects like dispensing daily medication, ensuring nutrition and hydration, tackling emergencies, and even using medical equipment safely.

And this need to develop staff to provide specialised care is going to become more important. According to a report by the UN, the share of older persons, aged 60 years or above, in India’s population is projected to increase to nearly 20 per cent in 2050. This means that more and more people will likely require specialised care services from a flexible and trained staff, who can provide compassionate care, and help seniors remain in good health.

Specialised care and training for COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to threaten lives, Antara has ensured the training of theteam members to address the dynamic health needs of seniors. Make sure that theteam has easy access to all necessary infection prevention tools, including sanitizers and PPE kits. In addition, also ensuring all team members have received up-to-date training on infection control and are capable of emergency medical interventions. Empathy as a trait and sevabhaav as a value are imperative to all team members at Antara.

At Antara Care Homes, we ensure seniors’ safety by enabling infection-controlled
environments, and implementing stringent safety and hygiene practices. Our entire team is trained to offer an integrated and holistic approach to wellness with strong preventive health check-up programmes, round-the-clock medical services, and well-equipped emergency response systems. Our team offers a range of therapies, a host of curated engagement activities, and helps seniors live as independently and actively as possible. Not just that, our team members are also equipped to offer care at residents’ homes, including services like dedicated nursing, diagnostics, physiotherapy and critical care, when required.

Caregiving for the elderly may seem like a daunting task, but at Antara, our team members make it seamless and safe. To know more about our frontline heroes, call us at +91 9999 441111 or schedule a visit to an Antara Care Home.

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Head – Human Capital, Antara Assisted Care Services

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