What does it mean to retire?

Author: Sanjay Bhatia, Director – Community Development

If we were to look back at all the times our grandparents spoke of ‘retirement’, it would seem like something that simply takes away from their earning capabilities, and lands them at the mercy of their children. In fact, through the 1970s and 1980s, many relatively older workers became retirees at a younger age, as business models evolved and made them redundant.

However, over the years, the term ‘retirement’ gradually evolved to become more like the light at the end of the tunnel, when one could enjoy the fruits of their life’s labour. With the awareness about opportunities, retirees also became happier to continue staying productive rather than sitting at home. Instead of needing to work, retirees started gravitating towards wanting to work and pursuing their interests.

What does retirement mean today?
Today, retirement can mean anything you want it to – it depends on what makes you happier, keeps you engaged and fulfilled. Some may choose to become self-employed, using online platforms to do their work, while others may even work as consultants with their previous organisations. Some may even choose to simply unwind their time, pursuing all their hobbies that were previously neglected, enjoying holidays, or spending time with their family.

Whatever the case, retirement definitely bears a much more pleasant connotation now, and retirees want to live their lives more independently.

What to consider before you ‘retire’?
The most important thing for anyone embarking on this new journey is to ensure that they continue to be productive.

One important aspect of your retirement, apart from your daily activities, is having a sense of community and connection. This is where the modern-age concept of independent senior living steps in. In its most basic definition, independent senior living involves extra-care housing in your old age. But that’s not all. Today, such services and facilities transcend the basic tenet of an old age home and give seniors the option to live a wholesome life in the company of like-minded individuals.
Independent living promotes the concept of active aging, and includes wellness programs, mindfully curated daily meals, special retreats, interest groups catering to residents, opportunities to develop hobbies, and most importantly, on-site healthcare services. These communities are designed in a way that help retirees forge lifelong connections at a phase in their lives when it is not easy to build such bonds. This aspect of retirement is as important to consider as any and ensures that you make the most out of your retirement life.

At Antara, we understand the need for communities, especially for seniors, and want them to experience their next phase of life without hassles, and on their own terms. Which is why our independent living residences for seniors are the perfect place to spend your retirement phase. All our residences are thoughtfully designed to be safe and secure, along with featuring the heart of every community – Antara Club. By providing seniors the company of like-minded individuals, and the opportunity to pursue their hobbies or passions, Antara senior living wholly encourages the idea of an active retirement.

To learn more about our Antara senior living residences in Dehradun and Noida, enquire here +91 964 3000014.

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