5 Tips for the Well Being of Senior Members

Are you compromising on retirement plans because of concerns regarding your fitness?

You don’t have to!

While the prospect may seem difficult, taking care of yourself at home is not all that complicated. Simple changes in your lifestyle will take you in the right direction.

Following are 5 essential tips from Antara Care at Home Experts, to help you stay in the pink of health :

1. Exercise your Mind:

With age, your brain becomes vulnerable to memory loss and such. Keep your mind active with hobbies like jigsaw puzzles etc to prevent or delay such conditions.

Some hobbies that you can try to develop for mental exercises are:

● Sudoku or other mind games, found in newspapers
● Learning a new language
● Learning to play a musical instrument
● Volunteer to teach kids. This interaction can not only help you gain companionship but also learn new things about the world every day!
● Read. A book or newspapers and magazines. Anything that interests you and you can do for at least 30 minutes every day

2.Exercise your Body:

With advancing, one also witnesses a drop in immunity levels. This is easy to avoid. Our trainers at Antara, Dehradun organise 45 minutes of Yoga every morning and wind it up with a laughter session. This simple day-rise routine has significantly improved the health of our residents.

Another good exercise for both the body and the mind is meditating. Start with 10 minutes every day and increase the timeframe as you get more comfortable with it. Sitting in an upright posture and letting your mind unwind with relaxed breathing is as simple as it is effective.

3. Stay Connected:

At any age, humans remain social beings. Organize virtual meet-ups with your friends and stay connected with your family members as much as you are able to.

One of the reasons Antara Care at Home has been so effective is because patients get to be around their loved ones which significantly helps in the healing process.

Volunteering with kids can be extremely effective. If you are an animal person, just adopt a pet!

Caring for a furry little dog or cat at any age is therapeutic and their unconditional love will keep your spirits up.

4. Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet:

The best way to do this would be to make an appointment with a dietician and follow the diet advice. Monitor your health on a regular basis.

At our senior living community in Dehradun, all meals are nutritionally curated and catered to individual health requirements.

5. Get Good Sleep:

The benefits of a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated. Make sure you are maintaining a regular sleep cycle of 6-8 hours, every day.

Try to get this sleep in one stretch. But if you find yourself waking up during the night, do not compromise on an afternoon nap. For some of our senior members, a glass of warm milk consumed before bedtime helps them to sleep better.

When you keep up with steps 1-4 detailed above, you will find yourself feeling healthier and sleeping better.


Try to inculcate these steps into your daily routine. Should you need help with a particular area such as physiotherapy or care assistance at home, you may reach out to Antara Care at Home specialists at +91 9811 44 1111.

Till then, stay home, mask up when you step out and take good care!

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Dr. Shabnam Mir, Consultant Physician

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