How Antara cared for its team members during the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Rajit Mehta, MD & CEO – Antara Senior Care

In the beginning of April, the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic had begun to accelerate, overwhelming our medical infrastructure, and practically decimating businesses and communities. Almost two months later, the pandemic still rages on albeit with lesser per day surge, making it one of the biggest threats of this century.

Even as businesses have come to a grinding halt, companies have been shouldering responsibilities that go far beyond their earnings and profit numbers. At Antara, we have responded to this pandemic with alacrity and empathy, striving constantly to be at the forefront of keeping our team and the communities that we serve – safe.

Our team members have been working round the clock to ensure that our operations continue without glitches, while providing for the safety and well-being of seniors in our care. We understand the impact of this arduous work on our team, and therefore, apart from strictly adhering to government guidelines on COVID-19 management, we have also undertaken several relief activities for all our employees.

At Antara, we offered COVID Isolation Packages for all our team members who had/have been infected with the virus. This includes diet consultations, constant monitoring, and uninterrupted supply of essentials, including medicinal equipment. We have also offered an additional COVID insurance amounting to Rs. 2 Lacs for all frontline team members, enabling them to work without fear and assuring them of our constant support. In March & April, we organised a complimentary vaccination drive for our frontline staff.

To help our team members in crisis and emergency situations, Antara also constituted an Emergency Management Group for their welfare. The group ensures that team members always have ready assistance to procure hospital beds, plasma, home-cooked food, or anything else that they may require as they battle the disease.

Apart from these crucial measures, Antara has assured any additional leaves that team members may require to manage COVID. We have initiated small tokens of appreciation in the form of gift vouchers for all our team members who have constantly been on the frontline and shouldered responsibilities of the organisation during these trying times. Furthermore, we have stepped up on sharing of positive feedback and recognition of their tireless efforts to keep the organisational morale high.To support the team in navigating through the pandemic with resilience and mental strength, ‘Inner Hour’, a psychological health platform was brought onboard. The support is in the form of tools, content, and webinars to generate awareness and enable a relaxed, happier and healthier state of mind

This pandemic is a key moment in our collective history, but what will remain forever etched in our memories is how the entire community has come together to respond to this challenge and help uplift everyone around them. At Antara, we believe it is our foremost duty to stabilize the social systems and people who made our existence possible in the first place. By acting through uncertainty, and putting all our resources to work, we will continue our supportive efforts, and together, weather the pandemic and jump start our lives again.

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MD & CEO - Antara Senior Care

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