Getting your health back on track post COVID-19

Author: Dr. Shabnam Mir, Consultant Physician

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic shows signs of retreating, one major area that we need to turn our attention to is post-COVID recovery. Given that a lot remains unknown about the disease, the possible post-COVID complications are still being studied. Even then, equipping yourself with some knowledge of recovery and recuperation is essential to good health in the long run.

Barring patients who require intensive care in hospitals, most COVID-19 patients have recovered completely in 2-3 weeks. However, over the past few months, many people have reported post-COVID complications such as constant fatigue, low grade fever, weakness difficulties in breathing, insomnia and mental-health issues. To deal with these complications, following a guided health routine with proper medication, healthy nutritious diet,exercise for expanding the lung capacity (Physiotherapy), adequate rest, and stress-relieving measuresusually helped aid recovery.

Since COVID-19 tends to cause most damage to one’s lungs, taking special care of these vital organs of your body is important.Regular monitoring your vitals should be continued for few days after you have recovered from covid. Most importantly breathing exercises must be continued to increase the lung capacity and to get your lungs back to functioning normally.

Many patients have also faced sleeping difficulties and have been dealing with immense stress and anxiety in post covid recovery.This could be because of the amount of trauma one usually goes through while battling the disease. Getting adequate sleep is very essentialfor strengthening your immunity and recovering well. Therefore, any kind of sleep issues need to be addressed immediately.

Some of the things that may also help a recovering patient overcome their stress and anxiety issues are meditation, yoga and counselling. Apart from these, it is also important that you take constant support from your family members and friends to overcome any difficulty in getting back to your normal life.

Most importantly, take things slow for a while. Regaining your strength will be a step-by-step process, hence, it is essential that one should not overdo things by getting back to your customary routines. Re-organize your schedule over the next few weeks or even months while you recover. Take breaks whenever you need to. Plan your activities when you have the most energy during the day, but don’t plan multiple things to avoid fatigue. Focus on eating a balanced diet, hydrate regularly, get plenty of rest, and avoid any strenuous activities.

At Antara, we understand that returning to a normal routine life after battling COVID-19 is a gradual process. Consequently, our post-COVID care plans ensure that the path to your recovery is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Our remote-recovery packages and stay-in recovery packages are designed for your physical and mental recovery. Both the post-COVID recovery packages offer services that include remote consultations with a pulmonologist, general physician or psychologist, constant monitoring of your vitals and medicine management, diet consultation, physiotherapy, counselling, diagnostics, and any additional medical equipment that will aid your recovery. With our comprehensive range of post-COVID recovery packages, we aim to help you improve your health and manage the aftereffects of COVID with quality and personalized medical care.

For more details on the packages, call us at +919811441111 or Visit Antara Care at Home

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Dr. Shabnam Mir, Consultant Physician

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