Build a protective ring around your seniors with assisted Care Homes

Author: Ambica Chaturvedi, Director – Special Initiatives & Human Capital at Antara

As India keeps witnessing new record spurt in Covid-19 infections, the threat to our elderly population is also on a rise. In fact, during the first wave of the pandemic last year, it was reported that more than half the Covid-19 deaths across states in India were in the 50-70 age group.

Today, the situation in the national capital, Delhi, is particularly worrisome. With more than 25 thousand infections being reported almost every day, there seems to be no let-up for the population of the battered city. This worry increases, if we have an elder who is living alone or is sharing a space with a COVID positive patient at home.

What do you do when someone in your family tests positive for Covid-19? Most hospitals in the country are running out of beds every day, and people are finding it difficult to get treatment for sick patients at home, especially given the lack of medical equipment and essential medication. How then, do you ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones at home, knowing the high vulnerability of this age group? As our seniors advance towards old age, health interventions for medical emergencies become even more crucial.

Assisted Care for the protection of your loved ones

India is finally witnessing the rise of assisted care homes and services that will not only keep seniors safe, but also improve the quality of their life. With the operation and management of well-designed care facilities and services, assisted care homes ensure that seniors get the best medical supervision during these trying times.

Older persons in assisted care homes are much better protected from Covid-19, mostly because of the strict protective measures undertaken, some of which include decongested residential facilities, regular sanitisation, on-call medical assistance, and much more. Furthermore, they only admit and cater to patients who have tested negative.

At Antara Care Homes, we understand that not every home can be medically equipped for seniors. Which is why, we become your trusted medical partner to protect your loved ones from the throes of this deadly disease. We ensure that seniors stay safe in an infection-controlled environment, by not only implementing stringent hygiene protocols across our assisted care centres, but also providing Covid-19 vaccination at our Antara Care Home in Gurugram. Not just that, our entire staff stays in-house to avoid any concerns around bringing in infection, and our clinical-grade housekeeping and laundry practices will keep your mind at ease.

When it comes to the experience of our team, you can rest assured knowing that we provide certified, trained and highly experienced nursing and medical attendants, along with an in-housedoctor. Our staff is fully equipped to administer medicines during emergencies, to meet apatient’s scheduled and unscheduled needs, and is able to provide 24-hour assistance,including for activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, bathing, laundry, walking, and more. Antara Care Homes also promise proactive health management, with daily monitoring and medication administration.

Apart from these, the locations of our assisted care homes are appropriate for any medical
emergencies. Finally, with active aging programs, home-based care, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation, palliative care, curated engagement calendars, comfortable and senior-friendly luxury rooms, and nutritionally assisted meals made with love in a homely environment, you get a perfect assisted care that promotes holistic wellness, and care for your loved ones.

With the myriad struggles of old age, sometimes, even minor health complications can become debilitating, especially during these scary times. Thankfully, with Antara Care Homes, ensuring the safety of your seniors doesn’t have to be so hard anymore.

So, move your seniors to the comfort, safety and security of Antara Care Homes today, and do your bit in breaking the transmission chain of Covid-19. Our care homes are in Gurugram and GK-II Delhi, please contact +91 92769 43377 or +91 85956 64311 for more information.

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Special Initiatives & Human Capital at Antara.

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