A new way of healthy and active aging

As we go about our daily lives, it is easy to forget that our once young and invincible parents are aging. And while we would love for them to live 100 years, aging is not just about living longer anymore, but also living more actively.

Caring for your parents always remains a top priority, but sometimes, what they need is a special kind of assistance that can help them live their senior years, without feeling overly dependent on their children. This is where the new-age concept of ‘Independent Living’ comes in. At its core, it lets your aging parents thrive as they age, and make the most of their lives. The concept gains more importance today, as more and more people, inching towards their retirement age, are now willing to rewrite how they want to retire.

The rise of independent living
Independent living is still a novel concept in India but is steadily gaining ground. According to a report by the Confederation of Indian Industries, India’s elderly population is expected to grow to 300 million by 2050. This signifies the growing need for having a safe space that takes care of your loved ones, exactly how you would.

At the heart of this societal shift lies healthy and active aging, which includes not just physical wellness, but also emotional, social, and intellectual wellbeing. The concept of independent living does exactly that, by offering long-term services aimed at the elderly vis-à-vis housing, personal care, and healthcare.

Independent living, especially in the form of residences or senior living communities, is slowly adapting to serve the needs of people who are able to live longer, healthier, and more active lives. Independent living includes holistic wellness programs, such as tailored fitness regimes through unique exercise classes, mindfully curated daily meals, special retreats, interest groups catering to residents, opportunities to develop hobbies, and most importantly, on-site healthcare services.

These facilities could take various shapes and sizes. Some retirees may like quiet, rural surroundings, while others may want to be surrounded by urbanscapes that give them opportunities to be closer to all the action. Some may even like being in residences or communities that are closer to cultural attractions that keep them busy, while others may just want a slice of life in the best retirement homes in the mountains, or the beaches.

For instance, Antara Residences in Dehradun is set amidst sprawling river valleys, mountains and lush greenery, while our upcoming Antara Residences in Noida is in close proximity to the National Capital of Delhi and boasts of modern and urban amenities.

Irrespective of the choice, today’s retirees are definitely not content with spending their lives watching TV or shuttling between their children’s home, thus, Independent Living provides them with creative ways to stay active and relevant. Services that continue to bring innovation in the space of senior living are now seeing an increased demand, and independent living is on top of that list.

At Antara, we believe that finding a community with a commitment to its aging residents’ well‐being is fundamental to helping them experience this next chapter of life as a new beginning – without hassles, and in the company of like-minded people. Which is why our independent living residences for seniors are thoughtfully designed to be safe and secure with special attention to senior specific features. At the heart of every community lies the Antara Club which embraces and encourages the idea of active aging. Accordingly, our first such senior living community, in Antara Dehradun, ensures that your loved ones get the retirement lifestyle they want. With a picturesque location, world-class healthcare access to a Super Specialty hospital and thoughtfully designed, full furnished residences, you can be assured of their holistic wellbeing. Not just that, our second Antara residence in Noida is another upcoming commune of independent senior living residences that will enhance the quality of life for aging adults. Located conveniently in Noida Sector- 150, it is going to offer the best of infrastructure in NCR.

To learn more about our Antara residences in Dehradun and Noida, enquire here.

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